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Moja stylizacja na Halloween

31/10/2016, Bellitkaa, 18 komentarzy

Today I come with a very unusual entry. For three years, we have been changing to Halloween and partying with a group of friends. These events are great, because our outfits immediately make us feel really good. I spent about two hours on makeup this year. I’m not really happy with him, but hey, I’m not a professional and it’s only 3-4? such a make-up in life. This is a completely different kind of make-up, which I have not completely prepared for. Ordered paints for body painting probably will come to me only today, and that I absolutely wanted to paint, instead of buying some stand … So it is as it is. I made the whole with shadows, crayons, and eyeliner.

Dear husband, he made a few photos of me and I’ll show you.

The whole makeup is made on the model of Paulina’s stylization, and the tutorial for it you will find here: click ! Her makeup is beautiful, I recommend her films in general. I had the opportunity to meet Paula personally and I can tell you here that she is a great and very inspiring person.

You have to forgive me for the lack of a smile, the stylization required it! Besides, even when I was smiling, I did not look happy, I did not even try to make an effort.


La Catrina, which I tried to paint is a very elegant woman, I could present it in a classic way, with a wreath of flowers on my head. I could also put on a hat. However, I decided to wear a warm dress from Zaful , my black ramones, my shoes on a block, and to dig up floral tights that matched perfectly what I had on my face. As soon as I finished my makeup, I hooked up the ring with tights, so I had to say goodbye to the flowers on my legs, but I admit that I did not feel sorry for throwing them away. If for 2 years I never found them and lay new ones waiting for no one knows what – it’s better that they went to the basket.


I got the dress from the store, to test it. To be honest, I expected that I would put it once and finally, but it turned out that this sweater is so pleasant that I am in shock. Soft, very warm. It could be a bit longer, because I would rather have to wear it as a longer sweater + leggings than a dress, but I do not complain. I really rarely wear dresses, although I had a decision for 2016 to wear them more often. Well, nothing will happen in 2017.

The dress costs $ 23, is available in two colors and is really very comfortable. It’s a universal size and it really is. Someone in L size would not have a problem entering it, I would like to wear it with a belt, because it’s too loose for me.



Well, none of me model and make-up artist, but take my word for it – on Saturday I played around!

cocktail dressesDress from Zaful

RIP Tights – Primark (collection from before x years)

Shoes – Elida (bought at TkMaxx)

Nails – Victoria Vynn from this post

Hair – Babyliss Curl Secret curler (this is automatic!)

Make-up – what a rich cottage!

And finally my Halloween pumpkin painted on the belly of a friend. True, cute?

I wish „Happy Halloween” today, and tomorrow, a moment of reflection on the graves of my relatives. I will only light a candle in December, as I will be in Poland again.

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