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Świąteczny płyn do kąpieli od Oriflame – nigdy więcej!

13/01/2013, Bellitkaa, 54 komentarze
I did not have much love for Oriflame cosmetics. Sometimes something happens to me, because I like it, and then I regret it as usual. It was the same with bath lotion, which was proposed for the holidays. The packaging was very tempting, the simple delicate patterns made me want to try. I had some strange belief that the scent while bathing with this liquid will be beautiful and will float everywhere. After all, holidays are a very specific time and no one will tell me that it is not associated with strictly defined scents. Magic Christmas Bubble Bath, because of it, it turned out to be a flop. Why?
A bath liquid that is so fragile, with such a weak smell from my point of view, has no right to exist during the festive winter period. I understand that he can please someone and I do not say that he smells bad. What is it, it is not. The smell is beautiful, if we can sense it, that is, we will practically put our nose in the liquid. It is so weakly felt that it would not make any difference to me, as if it was odorless. Believe me that products for children are always slightly less perfumed than those of this liquid. I do not even mention the fact that this is not associated with Christmas.
Okay, the liquid does not smell, but maybe it’s fine, though? HAHAHA! I used 300ml for 3 and a half times. The fourth bath was so cheated that it was a shame to speak. Poor performance, the more that the bubbles were made so tiny and very quickly disappearing :(
I am not satisfied with this product at all, I like the packaging the most. It did not work in terms of smell or action. I paid about 12 zlotys for him on the promotion. After all, for this money I am able to buy even two great decent bath liquids!
Ori, what’s up? Do you have many such mistakes in the catalog? It seemed to me that the bathing liquid can not be fucked up, and yet …
Ehh, or I get such products from this brand or I do not know what’s going on. What is your opinion about Oriflame? Maybe there is something that would be worth buying to finally smile at the brand? Recommend something.
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